School Self-Evaluation

As part of the School Self-Evaluation process St. Enda’s NS will be focusing on the area of Wellbeing in SPHE.

We will be focusing on maintaining our positive school climate/atmosphere with specific attention directed to the all-round development of the pupils, ensuring a mission statement that promotes SPHE and wellbeing and further acknowledging our achievements, improvements and endeavours.

We will be encouraging all our children to participate in a wide range of initiatives that support SPHE including Active Schools, Green Schools and cultural programmes & events. We will review our Code of Behaviour and other core policies that highlight pupils’ wellbeing and enhance our communication between school and home in relation to key aspects of SPHE.

We will have a Wellbeing/SPHE display board in our hallway which will display photos of our achievements and awards amongst other wellbeing information.

The school will compose a Wellbeing Statement and this will be kept under constant review to ensure the school is constantly moving forward and keeping up to date with wellbeing promotion. This Wellbeing Statement can be found here: Wellbeing Statement