Physical Education

The Active Committee have been very busy so far getting involved in making all the children aware of our ‘ACTIVE CODE’:

“Inside and out, let’s get fit and move about, lets run and have fun, out in the rain or sun.

Section 1-Physical Education


PE Curriculum: Our PE curriculum is varied and we know the importance of providing 60 minutes of physical activity everyday for the children. We teach five strands of the PE curriculum. We have taken a whole school approach to teaching the strands and each month we teach a different strand. We use the PDST lessons which are in a folder in the staffroom on view for all staff to use.
At present we have timetabled PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. To reach our target of 60 minutes of physical activity in the day we include go noodle, 10 @10 and wii- dance, that’s why we introduced Irish Heart Foundation Let’s Get Award.

We have a local GAA and Hurling coach-Tony, who visits for two 10 week periods on a Thursday evening to help with our football and hurling skills. We have a Munster rugby coach, Damien Hicks, that calls on a Thursday morning who takes 3rd to 6th to do tag-rugby skills.

We have had days out in Gougane Barra and Warrenscourt Wood with Seán Cotter (orienteering Ireland) who has taught us a lot about orienteering,.We have also requested a school visit from Cork Sports Partnership to come to our school to help us to improve our basketball skills.We are also taking part in a five week module rowing course.









‘Wake Up, Shake Up’
We begin our day with ‘wake up, shake up’ every morning before school begins.This consists of the active committee leading the other children with various stretches,exercises and running.



Active Homework
On the days that we have P.E. each child is given some active homework in the senior room e.g. 10 jumping jacks to be done at home or 2 laps around the yard. During active school week each child will be requested to complete 10 minutes of active homework.

Priority Strand : We have decided to focus on our outdoor and adventure strand this year. We have introduced more orienteering sessions, we have competed in the West Muskerry Athletics day, we have booked ‘West Cork secret garden’ (outdoor activities centre) as our school tour this year. Mr D completed various science activities outdoor that involved physical activity.We have incorporated more walks during school time.


10@10 / Operation Transformation
On the 22nd of January 2019 the boys and girls from St Enda’s NS began the 10 @10 programme, Each morning Meabh Crowley (Active schools committee member) rings the bell for all classes to participate in 10@ 10.


During September we split the yard into four groups, the upper yard is for football, middle yard is for Basketball and rugby, lower yard is for free play and younger yard is for Infants. On Monday and Wednesday 5th and 6th have the football yard and on Tuesday and Thursday 2nd, 3rd and 4th have it. Any child that doesn’t want to play the sport are encouraged to part-take for a short length of time and then return to free play for the rest of their break.

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Take on teachers

In September we played a game of take on teachers dodge-ball,.Well done to Ms Kelleher’s team who won the tournament.


All children participate in a 10 week swimming lesson block in Dunmanway swimming pool where five swimming instructors are hired.Children are taught the swimming strokes and are delighted when they progress to the next level.We take part in lane swimming, a swimming gala and enjoy  different games above and under the water. We also have registered for ‘Splash and Dash’.We teach land based PAWS as part of our PE programme each year and are proud to have the land PAWS flag in our school.

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During Janurary, Feburary and March all the children participate in an 8 week programme of Zumba and gymnastics skills. The children have learnt a lot of various moves, skills and the importance of warm up and cool down exercise.


Outdoor and Adventure Activities
• Our Parents Association recently held a ‘Tractor Run and walk’ for our school. Most of our children attended the walk along with their families.

Some of the various ways we have introduce and improved our outdoor activities:
• Orienteering: We have completed numerous courses with Sean Cotter Orienteering Ireland and have picked up lots of skills from him.We have visited ‘Warrenscourts’ and ‘Gougane Barra’.
• Nature walk: Any day that the weather is good we take the opportunity to go for a nature walk on our quiet country roads.
• Large X’s and O’s game – donated to the school by Dunmanway Community Garden Voulnteer. We also have a large ‘Connect 4’ game and outdoor polydrons which the children enjoy on yard.
• Mr D( Science day)- Mr D completed various activities outdoors.
• Day at the river as part of our green schools flag.
• Garden- Children are to maintain the school garden and all children have access to this.

Walk to school

When weather and time permits we do a 1km walk to school.A small number of children make the effort to walk to school in the morning from home on a regular basis.

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During September, October and November we focused on Athletics. In September we were practicing running races, sprinting and running relays for our Cross Country that was held in October. The children got involved in running around the school on a daily basis’s every morning. When the children arrived at school  the active leaders begin with some warm up exercises and then finish off with 2 laps around the school yard for juniors and 4 laps around the school yard for the senior children. The senior room children participated in a Cross Country race in Macroom on the 4th of October.





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