Physical Activity

The Active Committee have been very busy so far getting involved in making all the children aware of our ‘ACTIVE CODE’:  “Inside and out, lets get fit and move about, lets run and have fun, out in the rain or sun.”

Section 1-Physical activity

PE Curriculum: Our PE curriculum is varied and we know the importance of providing 60 minutes of physical everyday for the children. We teach five strands


Wake Up, Shake Up

We begin our day with wake up, shake up every morning before school begins, this consist of the active committee leading the other children with various stretches and exercises and finishes up with one lap around the school for the juniors and 3 laps around the school for senior pupils.




Playground Leaders

At school we decided to pick playground leaders.

Junior playground leader jobs are to organise and play games with the junior infants-1st class and to make them feel safe on the yard at lunch breaks.

Senior playground leader jobs were to take care of the P.E. room, ref matches and organise yard games and get footballs from the field.

We applied by letter to the principal, Mrs Dineen, stating why we were suitable for the job. The next day we had to do an open interview where we had to read our letters and answer questions from the teachers. The teachers decided over lunch break on who should get the job. They thought all children had very good points in all the interviews, so all children that applied for the job where put on a rota. (Written by Lauren O’Sullivan, Tara O’Farrell & Conor Horgan Active school Committee members)





Active Breaks & Rainy Days

We try to get children up and moving as much as possible. On rainy days we:

  • wii-dance
  • go –noodle
  • bizzy breaks.
  • 10@10


Whole School Running Initiative

From September –November on a daily basis each child ran around the school everyday after big lunch break Junior room children ran around twice and senior room children ran around four times, we counted this as 1km a day, due to health and safety issues we had to change our running area.

Active Travel

Walk  a mile with a smile- We made an effort to go on walks whenever the time and weather allowed us too. Due to health and safety concerns we could only complete a few walks.

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Active Calendar events

  • Halloween: Wii dance & Halloween disco.
  • Christmas: Christmas play and dances.
  • Easter: Easter Egg Hunt 





St Enda’s NS 2k and 5k walk

We all had a great day at the walk in December thanks to the parents for organising such a great event.

Playground Equipment


Music in the yard



 Zoned play Areas

At the start of the year we were having some accidents /incidents involving  junior and senior children. The children were deciding not to play games as they  found  the groups were too mixed so we have had our school yard re-zoned into three areas, lower section for juniors. Middle section for 1st 2nd and 3rd, and upper section for 4th-6th.

Lunchtimes- Soccer/ Basketball & Rugby. We have set up teams of soccer/basketball and rugby rota from 1st to 6th class children each day. A rota has been agreed upon by children and staff where by the children (1st -6th)get to play soccer/ basketball or rugby on alternative days. All other children and those who choose not to play ball games have free play with various playground equipment. All other children play free play or senior children will help junior children with various sports games.

We have playground markings and we have also introduced some new props/equipment for the junior section including a toy kitchen and sand area. They receive a 10 min small break and 20 min big break.



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