Active Week


June 2021










It was harder to hold an active week this year as we were on lock-down but here’s our virtual timetable.


Our Active Week-May 2019

On the 7th of May we are having Katie our ‘Rinka instrutor’ coming to visit us.Rinka provides classes that are all inclusive and age appropriate and focus on making fitness fun for all. Rinka introduces the children to gymnastic skills, athletic skills, ball skills,movement and dance,team games,healthy eating,mindfulness and relaxation.

Also on that day the 4th-6th class children will be going to the national rowing centre for there rowing session.

In the afternoon we will be doing station games with Ms Kelleher & Mr Ambrose who are both Cúl Camp Instrustors and train children in cúl camps each year.


On the 8th of May we are taking a trip to Gougane Barra.We will begin our trip with a histotical walk around the church and surrounding areas .We will be meeting Sean Cotter (orienteering Ireland) in the forest area were he will guide the children on various courses and age appropriate activities.We will  end our day with a treasure hunt.

On the 9th we will begin our day with ‘Walk a mile with a smile’ and we will have Aideen Johnson (dance and fitness teacher) coming to teach us a few new dance moves.To end our afternoon we have Tony, our football instructor, he will continue to introduce us to new football skills.

On the last day of our active week (10th of May) we will begin our day with ‘wake up, shake up’ After break we will be having an art competition and a healthy eating talk from our active committee members.

In the afternoon we will finish off our active week with  a swimming session in our local swimming pool.We have also applied for ‘Swim for a mile’ challenge.

7th of May 8th of May 9th of May 10th of May
Rinka (Juniors-3rd) Rowing  (4th-6th) Gougane Barra (Historical walk) Walk a mile with a smile Wake up, Shake up
Lón Lón Lón Lón
Station Games with Ms Kelliher & Mr Ambrose (Both Cúl Camp Instrustors). Orienteering Skills with Seán Cotter Orienteering Ireland in the forest park.

We will be finishing off our day with a FUN treasure hunt.

 Aideen Johnson –School of Dance.


Tony for football skills.

Art Competition.


Healthy eating talk by active committee members.


Swimming in the afternoon.

During Active week children will be asked to complete at least 10 minutes of exercise each afternoon.For example (cycling, running, jumping-jacks, star jumps etc) If a parent feels that their child may not be able for the 10 minute slot this can be differentiated.

Pictures above have been sourced from previous active weeks in the past.


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