Interviews for leaders!!

At school we decided to pick playground leaders.

Junior playground leader jobs were to entertain, mind, to play games with the junior infants-1st class and to make them feel safe on the yard at lunch breaks.

Senior playground leader jobs were to take care of the P.E. room, ref matches and organise yard games and get footballs from the field.

We applied by letter to the principal, Mrs Dineen, stating why we were suitable for the job. The next day we had to do an open interview where we had to read our letters and answer questions from the teachers. The teachers decided over lunch break on who should get the job.They thought all children had very good points in all the interviews, so all children that applied for the job where put on a rota. (Lauren O’Sullivan, Tara O’Farrell & Conor Horgan Active school Committee members)








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