Green School 2017-2019

‘St. Enda’s NS, Kilnadur Green School’s Committee attended a Seminar in Parkway Hotel, Dunmanway on Thursday, 24th January, 2019 pictured with facilitator Dave Brooks.’


Friday 21st September 2018

Our green school committee gave a fab presentation today to all classes. We all looked at the water cycle together and discussed it. Then children were given an opportunity to draw their own water cycle, it was great fun. All children were then given a chance to complete a questionnaire in class so as to give us an idea as to how much water is being used by ourselves and whats being used at home.We sent the same questionnaire home to be filled by parents. We await the results and will then graph our results. We gave each child a sheet of water tips to be taken home in the hope of reducing the amount of water used.

Green School Committee 2018-2019Over the next two years (school years 2017-2019), our school will be trying very hard to achieve our third Green Flag.
The third Green Flag has the theme of WATER.

This is our Green School Committee:

Nathan Such
Molly Kelleher
Oliyen  Collins
Gemma O’Mahony
Cillian McCarthy
Jack Smith
Kate Horgan
Aaron Pittam
Grace Murray
Patrick Crowley
Tadgh O’Farrell

Rosey O’Connell
John Galvin

Helen Dineen
Orla Kelleher
Aisling O’Driscoll

We have also assigned members of our committee the positions of ‘Tap Monitors’
These children will ensure taps are off or not dripping,.  We have recently carried out environmental review in our school.  Our aim is to reduce the amount of water we use in our school.

We will also continue our work on Energy (2nd Flag) and Litter/Waste (1st Flag). We will continue to conserve energy and keep an eye on our composting/recycling.

Please keep an eye on our website and Green Schools notice board for upcoming Green School events.  We will have a range of activities from poster competitions to Green School water day and many more for all to enjoy.

Our Tap Monitors

David, Nathan, Patrick & Grace.




Please see Newsletter section for our March ‘Green School Newsletter’ and go to Gallery for photos of Green School Activities.



Action Person/Group Time Frame Progress
Establish the Green Schools committee. Co-ordinator & committee October 2017 Achieved
Carry out environmental review. Co-ordinator & committee November 2017 Ongoing
Poster campaign: how to reduce water. Whole school December 2017 Ongoing
Appoint water monitors in each room to check that all the taps are off. Committee December 2017 Ongoing
Review our waste and our recycling. Co-ordinator & committee January 2018 Ongoing
Continue to talk to all classes about our Green Flag campaign. Teachers Ongoing Ongoing
Committee to meet monthly to evaluate progression of work to date. Committee Monthly Ongoing
Visiting  speakers to visit all classes
Fill & submit the application form for Green Schools.
Co-ordinator February 2018
Ensure that there are no taps left on in the class rooms. Water monitors Daily Ongoing
Organise Water Action Day for March 2018 for whole school participation and awareness raising.  Inform the school of plans by text-a-parent, posters around school and on the green schools noticeboard. Committee & Co-ordinator March 2018
Write water saving tips to be published on the green schools website Committee &  Co-ordinator April 2018
Paint water drops and write Water Saving Tips on them and stick them to the schools main entrance to educate parents and  visitors Committee & Co-ordinator May/June 2018
Put up signs around the school to remind people to turn taps Committee September 2018
Visit local river Teachers October 2018
Publicise our progression in the Water Flag effort on our website Teachers December 2018
Update the Green Schools notice board and install regularly Committee & Co-ordinator
Clean water  (Environmental Competition) All classes February 2019
Submit summary of Green Schools  Achievements to the ARC Co-ordinator Ongoing Ongoing
Talk with all classes about water conservation and the importance of water in our lives All teachers Ongoing Ongoing

What is Think Before You Flush?
Think Before You Flush is a public awareness campaign about the problem sanitary products and other items can cause in our marine environment and our wastewater systems if they are flushed down the toilet.  The campaign is operated by An Taisce’s Clean Coasts programme and is supported by Irish Water. The Think Before You Flush campaign invites you to join us in making small changes in your bathroom behaviour like never using the toilet to dispose of sanitary products.

Susan from An Taisce visited our school on Thursday 29th November and spoke on ‘Think Before You Flush’.  She spoke about  the things people should not flush down the toilet :

There are many things that should never EVER be flushed down the toilet, such as:

Top Toilet Tips!

  • Have a bin in the bathroom, so nobody’s tempted to flush litter
  • Wipes, cotton wool, buds, sanitary products and nappies belong in the bin even wipes that claim to be “flushable”.

For more information talk to your child who is now a campaigner for this initiative or see ‘



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